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About Ally

My daughter Ally is one of the wittiest and most irreverent people I know.  She is truth…in my face.  And I love her for that.

Her mind works quickly and her humor is sharp.  She see’s the sheer silliness of most things in life and has the ability to isolate them and comment on them in a way that makes the rest of us nod our heads in total agreement, while laughing out loud and wondering why we didn’t express the same thought ourselves!

I marvel at her organizational skills and the fact that she hyperventilates at the very idea of going to the Container Store, while also being perfectly okay with being messy.   I love the fact that she’s an AVID reader who can sit for hours reading with a couple of contented dogs curled up on her lap.  And I’ve learned that while she isn’t the most ambitious person I know, she is a perfectionist who holds herself to an incredibly high standard in all that she does (a good thing for this blog!).  Her sheer will and organizational skills are what took a ridiculous idea hatched over lunch one day (writing a blog together), and made it a reality.  She’s the one who took it and ran with it.  She’s the one who made me believe that we could do this…and people would come (to our blog site).

Ally has found her voice in her writing, and through that has evolved into a confident, smart, and gifted young woman whom I couldn’t be more proud to have as a daughter…but even more thrilled to have as a friend.

About Cindy

My mom is the most amazing, intelligent, beautiful woman I know.  And I’m not just saying that because she’s my mom.  I’m saying it because other people who share no DNA with her have told me that.  (Plus, it’s true.)

Cindy has two kids: a son, AJ, who she thinks is awesome, and me, her daughter, who is her favorite person in the world (I assume).  She also has four dogs, which is just as ridiculous as it sounds.

She’s been known to throw together a fabulous dinner party in less than 45 minutes, and she could turn a shack on the side of the highway into a palace with a quick trip to Target.

She once won a dance competition on a Caribbean cruise.  She actually woke me up at one in the morning to show me her crown because she was so proud.  I wasn’t exactly pleased at the time, but I now look back on her accomplishment with glowing pride.  (And annoyance that she was able to party all night while I was in bed by 10:30.)

Patience isn’t really Cindy’s strength, but that means the woman gets shit done.  It also means this blog probably wouldn’t have happened without her nagging passion…

So blame her.