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Topic: Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word.

{ Topic from Gwen Bell at Reverb 10 }

Cindy Thinks

Ally Thinks

Without a doubt, the one word that best describes 2010 for me is “REMARKABLE.”

I began the year on an amazing adventure with Matthew to SE Asia where we were able to see and experience some of the most remarkable places, people and animals of my life.  I mean, how many times do you get the chance to be up close and personal with an elephant, sit with a tiger, get blessed by a Buddhist monk, drive through heavy traffic in a Tuk Tuk, walk through centuries old ruins, eat amazing (and sometimes odd) food, or meet wonderful people from around the world who you now consider to be friends?

Absolutely remarkable.

THEN…I got to work on putting together a bid packet with my incredible architect (and lovely friend) Jeff for the property in Ridgway, in order to facilitate the process of finding and choosing a contractor for the project.   Just going through the process of figuring out (to the best of our ability at the time) what we wanted the place to look like, and then trying to determine who would be the right fit to get it all done… was amazing.

And I couldn’t be happier with my choice.  By the end of June, we found our guys (thank you Eric and Joel for agreeing to do this job!) and the dream of building a house, where I get to choose everything  (OMG…you should see the sinks!) started to become a reality.

So as you can imagine…between watching the building take place, being able to start the process of buying everything from faucets to doors, and watching it all come together in one of the most beautiful places on earth…has been truly remarkable.

THEN…there was the whole Kidney A-Go-Go experience.  That alone would have made the year remarkable on its own.  But more than that, it was probably one of the most remarkable experiences of my life!

I mean really…who would have thought that 1) Brian would have needed a kidney and 2) that he would allow me to go through the match process resulting in 3) our being a MATCH, thus allowing 4) for us to partner in a kidney transplant, which was  5) a SUCCESS, because 6) both of us are doing great!

Seriously…if that’s not remarkable, I don’t know what is.

And finally, (I can’t believe there’s more) Matthew and I just got back from Peru where we got to see Machu Picchu (talk about a remarkable place!), salsa danced in Cusco (where we almost died from lack of oxygen), and cruised up the coast of South America and Mexico for 15 days (dancing, eating and drinking ourselves silly)!

On top of all of that, my kids are doing great, everyone’s healthy, the economy’s starting to come back (yeah yeah…probably not fast enough, but hey…we all know it’s getting better!) and I couldn’t be happier.

So, as I look back over this last year, I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say it has been remarkable.

But honestly, if I had several words to describe it, they’d actually be…

“I must be the luckiest goddamn woman in the world!”

This question comes from an online initiative called Reverb 10Thousands of people from around the world are writing and reflecting on their past year.  There’s a new prompt everyday, and I encourage you to check it out.

I’m currently sick, so I’m being lazy and just sharing the post that I already wrote about this from my personal blog, Ally B Speakin, here.

(My mommy said I could do it like this.)

(And you don’t want to mess with my mommy.)


I read the prompt at 7 AM this morning in bed. It may have been the sleep deprivation talking, but my first response was “fucking crazy”. But, you know, it’s not one word (unless you say it really fast: “fuckingcrazy”), and it’s not very eloquent.

So I decided to change it to:



Important shit happened this year.

I met important people.

I made important decisions.

Important people donated/exchanged important organs.

I started flossing on a regular basis.

See? Important.

And? FuckingCrazy.

As for 2011? I sure hope it’s AWESOMETASTIC because it’s my favorite word and it would be awesometastic (see?) if the next year was great enough to be described as such.

So, what’s your word for 2010? For 2011?