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So… as you may have noticed…its been a little quiet here on She Thinks lately, yes?

Well, it’s partly because we’re busy and such, but mostly because we’ve run out of interesting topics to write about.  We know they’re out there…but we just can’t grab onto them and get inspired ourselves.

So help us out here: if you enjoy this blog, please, send us topics!

We’re just… blank.  And we’d love to know if you have any burning or interesting questions that you’d like us to (attempt to) answer.

I’m sure with your help, we’ll get inspired again and hit the keys with gusto…at least for awhile.

And hey…in advance…thanks for anything you come up with.

Yes, I echo Mom’s call to send us topics, but will also take this as an opportunity to say that She Thinks is slowing down.  We both love writing this blog together, but we also both have a lot going on, and I’ll especially have a lot MORE going on with GRADUATE SCHOOL and WEDDING PLANNING very soon.

I’m not ready to say it’s over completely (although that may be the case…), but I think its fair to say that our posts will definitely be much more sporadic in the months to come.

That said…we’d really like to round out a full year of She Thinks before we slow down, and end the summer with a bang before this new phase of my life begins.

So please  SEND US TOPICS, mmkay?  We can’t promise we’ll use all of them, but inspiration is half the battle…

  1. A call for topics…