Davy Jones from the Monkee’s.

Hands down.

I absolutely loved him.

{Isn’t he beautiful????  I can hardly stand it. (Full disclosure: Ally picked this picture and wrote this caption.  This is what happens when Cindy won’t learn how to add pictures herself.)}

He had the sweetest face and really thick brown hair…and the cutest British accent I had ever heard.

OK…it was actually the first British accent I had ever heard.

My very first album was The Monkee’s (from my wonderful brother) and I think I probably listened to it 300 times in the first month that I got it, all the while daydreamin’ about running off in the middle of the night to get married to Davy!

I was 10.

I thought he was the only one for me.

I also thought that it was totally romantic to run off with someone in the middle of the night.

(Now I just want a good night’s sleep)

By the age of 10 ½ … I was over him.

And then I totally fell in love with Chip Douglas (the middle brother) on My Three Sons.  In actuality, I REALLY loved Robby Douglas (the oldest brother) but had to think rationally at the time and admit that he was just too old for me (I was 10 ½ and he must have been close to 16 on the show).  So I settled for Chip.

{I don’t know which one my Mom hearts the most.  I like the doggie. – Ally}

Then I turned 11 and heard the Album “Revolver” by The Beatles and I only had eyes for Paul McCartney.

{FINALLY, I kinda get this one… – Ally}

And that was pretty much it until I turned 45.

That’s right…over 30 years with the same celebrity crush.  Me and about a million other women my age.

And then I fell for George Clooney

And I’m stopping now, ‘cause I’m way too old to have celebrity crushes any more.

Just don’t tell George I’ve given up on him.

{We all know how beautiful George is, so here’s a BABY PANDA!!  Mom, you really need to upload your own pictures.  You have only yourself to blame. – Ally}

I’m watching the Movie Awards on MTV and I find myself shaking my head at the screaming hordes of teenage girls screaming at various young celebrities.

Not to sound too old-fashioned, but, really, (REALLY) what’s so great about Justin Bieber?  He’s just some goofy looking kid with a dumb haircut.

And then I remembered that one of my very first celebrity crushes was on a goofy looking kid with questionable hair…

{I’m particularly partial to the flowers… Now there’s a nice young man.}

I loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas because he was cute and funny and sarcastic and… sweet.  I collected every teen magazine with his picture (there were oh so many) and pasted my walls with his smiling face.

But JTT had nothing on a certain boy named Leo…

{The smolder!  The frown!  Beautiful!}

I was obsessed (OBSESSED) with Leonardo DiCaprio.  I saw Titanic 8ish times (?) in the theaters.  I had my wall, my locker, my notebooks, EVERYTHING, plastered with pictures of him.

I for serious hearted that boy.

Later came the boy bands (and the concerts with the SCREAMING) and the various other actors.

I no longer have any obsessions, but I still have my crushes.  I won’t horde pictures anymore, but if I pass a magazine with Johnny Depp, or (I’ll admit) RPattz, on the cover, I’ll at least stop and read the articles… and maybe stare glance at the pictures.

So, yeah, I can’t exactly judge those kids with Bieber Fever.

In fact, having a ridiculous love affair with a silly celebrity is something every kid should have at one point.

It’s a right of passage.

And it’s, like, totally awesome.

  1. Who was your first celebrity crush?