Topic: What do you do to relax?

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First, I have to stop.  Stop moving.  Stop doing.  Stop being…busy.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in perpetual motion.  Always moving – but hopefully – moving forward.

Then there comes a time in every day when the movement begins to slow.  And eventually…I can stop.

And then I can start relaxing.

I really don’t have a hard time relaxing.  It comes easily and naturally once I stop.

But…and there’s a BIG BUT…I can’t relax for too long.

I get bored.

Maybe that’s because I equate relaxing to all things restful.

Things like reading or watching TV or even knitting (which is only a winter relaxing activity because it just seems to only make sense during cold, cloudy days) are restful and relaxing for me…but all that sitting makes me bored after an hour or two.

Unless of course I imbibe in a glass of wine, or other available “calming” substances (yes…it is what you’re thinking).  Then…I can relax for many more hours at a time.

But eventually, I still get fidgety.  I start thinking about all of the things I should, could, must be doing when I stop relaxing.  And once that happens, I end up chucking the whole relaxing thing and go into perpetual motion once again.

Maybe my problem is that I don’t do anything requiring physical movement while relaxing.  I know people who have hobbies that require actual movement and physical effort, like hiking mountains, or doing Yoga or baking batches of cupcakes…and they consider that stuff relaxing!  While I consider that stuff physical labor.

There are also people who find it relaxing to exercise (God Forbid), and for the life of me…I don’t get that one at all.   There is absolutely NOTHING restful or relaxing about exercising to me.  It’s pure and simple physical labor and it is exhausting!

I know!  It would seem to be a good fit for me with the whole perpetual motion thing and all…but I’m all about getting shit done…not just movement for movement’s sake.

I also equate relaxing to comfort.  Comfortable clothes (which I call my “grubbies”), comfort food (give me a burrito and I’m in total relaxation mode) and comfortable activities like lying on the couch reading or watching TV.

I mean really, if I’m gonna stop moving for awhile, I might as well do it in comfort!

And rest.

Otherwise, what’s the point of relaxing?

I don’t have a hard life.  I don’t have a whole lot of stress or responsibility or problems.


The majority of my stress comes from my own brain.  I stress about random events, other people, and different situations that I have absolutely no control over.

(Not so jealous now, right?)


But really, barring the occasional crazy parents donating/receiving organs, I have it pretty easy.

Since I live this relatively easy going life, I’m able to relax a lot.

The things that make me relax aren’t very unique or special.

I like reading, watching (too much) TV, and screwing around on the Internet.

I know some people who relax by exercising (gag me), or cleaning, or doing productive things like crafting some amazing thing with fabric or food.

But for me, those things belong on a very nasty looking to-do list, and not on my relaxation radar.

(Though if exercising and cleaning were on my list, life would be so much easier.)

(Plus, I’d be thin and live dust-free.  WIN.)

I think that there are certain things that must happen if one is to relax.

First: comfort.  Jeans, dresses, or anything that requires me to wear a belt, just won’t do.  Baggy pants and over-sized shirts are incredibly important when relaxing.  Also, a comfy place to lounge.  The couch is great, but if you can get in a chair that reclines, life is really awesome.

Next requirement: a blanket.  Even if it’s summer, I need something to curl up with.  When it’s warm, I grab a lightweight scarf or sarong.  When it’s cold, I grab a fleece blanket or THE GREATEST INVENTION OF FOREVER, my Snuggie.

(Do NOT judge me.  It’s a freaking blanket with sleeves, people.  You totally don’t know what you’re missing.)

Finally: quiet.  I’m at the wonderful time in my life where I don’t yet have tiny humans running around my home, so making the house quiet it fairly easy.  Except when the dogs are being naughty themselves.  But then it’s as simple as blocking the dog door off (so they’re locked in the house and therefore can’t run outside and yell at the entire neighborhood throughout the day) or closing the blinds (so they can’t see (and bark at) the other creatures who have the audacity to walk near our house).

When all of those things are taken care of… well, life is pretty damn relaxing.

  1. What do you do to relax?