Topic: A break for the holidays.

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So far I’ve been having the most wonderful holiday.

And normally I’d want to share it all with you.


My amazing daughter has been working hard all week long (while sick), and I’m now in Florida spending  time with Matthew’s family (and I think I’m getting sick).  So it seemed like a good week to blow off take a break from writing our weekly blog.

Hope you understand…and we’ll see you again next week (which is technically next year!)

I’m sick.  I got Mom sick.  I just realized that I ordered the wrong season of True Blood from Netflix.

I’m going back to bed.

Merry Christmas.

(PS: Mom was worried about skipping a post this week but I told her to take another shot of Nyquil and get over it.)

(PPS: She told me to take a shot of whiskey.  Motherly advice at it’s finest.)

  1. A break for the holidays.